About us

RES Axel is a MX sand track, 1750 meters long with jumps and tables.

For racing/practice you need a KNMV basic sports pass.
You'll have to order it digital here. (choose Google chrome so you can translate the page)
The pass costs € 123,-  a year,  suitable on all Dutch tracks.

The RES motocross track is open for training/practice:

31st of October till 1st of April (Sinter)
Wednesday from 1pm till  6pm 
Saterday      from 1pm till 6pm

1st of April till 31st of October (Summer)
Wednesday from 1pm till 8pm
Saterday      from 1pm till 6pm 

For safety reasons it's necessary to park the vehicles with front of the car to the road.

We hope to see you soon at our track.

Greetings from RES Axel.