* It's forbidden to clean the motors at the parking.
   It's possible to clean at our washplace. Coins for sale in the canteen. 
* Use a milieumat mandatory (for sale in the canteen).
* Prohibited to drive with mini motors, pitbikes. Also prohibited to drive outside the track.
Outside the track walk only with the motor from park riders to the start or finish back to the park       

A KNMV Basic Sports pass is required for practice and participation games.
   (Attention: You have to buy it digital before you come over!! € 123,-   for 2023 
   Click here for request ).

We do not tolerate vandalism.
Garbage / waste in the appropriate containers / bins.
* You can not leave old cross tires.
For security reasons it is mandatory moving vehicle in reverse to park, so the front of the car / camper
   / van  / truck parked to   
  the paved way.

We thank you.