KNMV Basic Sports Pass required (2024 now available)

Geplaatst op 14 Dec 2022
You need a KNMV Basis Sports Pass to have practice at the Dutch MX tracks.
€ 123,- valid jan - dec 2024.
Attention: You have to order it digital, before you come over.
It's possible to buy your KNMV Basis Sports Pass 2024 right now.
Buy your licence with "Google chrome", so you can choose your language in English.

Click here for all information and buy your KNMV license.

Please click "RES Axel" as your club.
We'll receive a compensation from the KNMV for your choice, so we can spend it at the MX track of RES Axel :)

After paying your pass, you can download the "KNMV app" at your cellphone,
and login.  Here you'll find the pass.





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